“Cappsure it” is a field services product that makes the collaboration and communication between foremen, landscaping company and the property owners amazingly simple, efficient and transparent. The ensuing “Cappsure effect” provides exceptional value for everyone in the ecosystem. At the outset, our product has the following immediate impacts.

Direct bottomline revenue impact

Landscapers can now drive revenues in unprecedented channels. Their language and computer literacy challenged foremen now have the ability to create landscaping proposals in a few clicks. The supervisors are equipped with a much more powerful proposal generation software rather than a strenuous manual process.

Increased Credibility all around

The property owners have credible maintenance reporting from foremen on the field instantly in terms of services performed or the parts replaced. The landscaping companies now have foremen that are much more accountable.

Increased Transparency with efficient reporting

The landscaping companies can now keep track of the inventory items and can invoice their customers with a click of a button. The clients have instant access to all services and parts reports.

The overarching goal of the product is simplicity and ease of use, result of which is a revolutionary app for ios and android , a property owner portal and a powerful and yet easy-to-use SAAS-based service.